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3rd Party Data Breach Protection

Protect your identity from Account Takeover Attacks. ClearID automatically monitors to see if your data has been compromised by cross checking with a secure database of hacked credentials.

All information submitted is Private & Secure.
We do no sell or share email addresses.

Take Back Your Data and Own
Your Digital Life


How Does ClearID Work?

ClearID builds your Identity from a private key. That means that for the first time you know, with confidence, that you actually own and control your data. No more backdoors. You're in control now.


Protection from Identity Theft

ClearID monitors for signs of digital identity theft by routinely scanning thousands of government, dark web, and private sources for stolen data such as passwords and much more...

ClearID for All

ClearID is not only for the living. It also allows for Individuals to create an Identity for love ones who have passed on. This enables a truly complete and worldwide Identity system for the living and the dead. Now, loved ones have a place to store important documents safely and securely in a place where they will never be lost or destroyed.


What Does ClearID Do?

ClearID gives you back total control of your online Identity. For the first time, people everywhere will be in complete ownership of their online information, preferences, and systems.


ClearID is an Identity creation and validation system that empowers the owner to keep and control their personally identifiable information in a system that they control with no 3rd party interference.