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The Most Private Network

ClearCellular utilizes an operating system built on security, and the Nation’s most reliable network. The ClearOS Mobile operating system boosts phone performance by blocking all trackers, ads, and malware, while the network delivers crystal clear 4G coverage.

Family plans that protect the ones you love.

ClearCellular gives you the service you deserve without the intrusive ads or the risk of inappropriate content sliding onto your kid’s phones.

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ClearPHONE is the only phone that runs on a private network.

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Now Connecting 99% of Americans.

We cover 99% of Americans with LTE.

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More than a cellular service



We protect your identity and search the Internet to ensure your social security is protected from the deep web and hackers.



Connect to doctors when you need them, anytime, 24/7.



Connect to fitness and health programs that are customized to your age, weight, and goals---providing meal and workout recommendations.



Automatically blocks ads, malware, trackers, hackers and inappropriate content.



Tap the help button and connect to a real person who answers your questions without skimming your data for marketing purposes.

We Enable

Sustainable Business

Our commitment to maximise the social and economic benefits our business can deliver while enhancing our strong commitment to corporate transparency.

ClearCellular Foundation

Through a unique network of Foundations and social investment programs, ClearCellular invests in the communities in which it operates.

Mobile Payments

ClearCellular customers have access to Clear mobile payments that enables people everywhere to send and receive mobile money over the Clear Network in a private and secure way.