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Stay secure, stay safe, and stay
private with ClearGM.


Protect Your Network

Whether your goal is to protect your computer, your children, or your office, ClearGM has the tools you need.


Pause the Internet

Schedule when, where and who can access what. Choose to turn the internet on or off for a specific device from anywhere.


It’s like a Virtual Private Network

Now that you control the connection, you choose what gets let in. Giving you complete control over your what comes in or goes out of your network.


Line Speeds Remain Unaffected.

Because ClearGM blocks harmful and unwanted content, your line, page loading and streaming speeds.


Control Each Device

From the dashboard you can create and apply a different rule sets to different devices. This allows you to customize each Internet user’s experience.


Whitelist Approved Sites

Whitelisting is the only tool that provides complete control and protection. ClearGM provides many managed whitelists to get you started.

Why Does ClearGM Exist

When the internet was first created it was mostly filled with valuable, safe, and meaningful content. As you know, that's no longer the case. Bad actors everywhere online these days are tracking you, hacking you, and potentially exposing you to inappropriate content.


A New Internet Experience

By default, ClearGM blocks the whole of the internet, then allows only the good parts you want to see. You can either have total control over what is allowed, or let ClearGM’s artificial intelligence protect you automatically - it’s up to you.


Keep Kids Safe

You choose what is age appropriate for them to see.


Installation and

It's as easy as download the app and choose your rules.


Rule Sets for Each

Subscribe to rules you like or make your own, it's up to you.


Don’t Talk To
Strangers (DTTS)

(DTTS) is a novel approach to strict DNS filtering built right in.


Customization and

Micro-manage every detail or let the software work for you.

Accessible Anywhere

Set your rules and choose your settings on your phone or your computer.


Why ClearGM Matters


Get unparalleled protection for yourself and your family online with ClearGM.

ClearGM works on ClearPHONE and also on products for your home and business to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can have the exact internet experience you want.