ClearWEB Browser Privacy Policy


The ClearWEB browser is designed to not know who you are, or what sites you visit.

Our company does not store any record of people’s browsing history. We don’t write any personal data to the blockchain. The only way a user’s data is stored by ClearWEB is if the user has switched on Rewards or Sync. Read this document to understand how the ClearWEB Browser uses data.

In this policy “we”, “us”, etc. refers to ClearCellular, while “ClearWEB” refers to the browser.

Security & updates

ClearWEB automatically checks with us for updates. This ensures that you always have access to the latest security fixes. We count the number and type of these requests when we receive them to produce aggregate statistics. No particular person’s information can be identified in the statistics we produce.


If you switch on Sync then your bookmarks (and soon passwords and other data) will be saved in an encrypted file on a cloud storage service, to which you will have the only decryption key. The data 1 is entirely inaccessible to ClearWEB and to the cloud storage provider.


If you use ClearWEB to visit a website that wants to determine your location, you will be asked whether you want it to be allowed to know where you are. If you click yes to this message, then the website will be sent an approximation of where you are based on your IP address. Your IP address will not be stored by ClearWEB, but it may be stored by the website you have visited. See data processing detail.

ClearWEB Rewards

If you switch on ClearWEB Rewards you are assigned a “wallet” identifier by Uphold , our payments partner. These services are operated in the United States, and are certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, which provides safeguards intended to be equivalent to those provided in the EU. ClearWEB uses your wallet identifier to determine when to send you a monthly gift of attention tokens (CLEAR). You can disable this in Preferences or Settings.

Each time ClearWEB sends users a monthly gift of CLEAR it makes a record of their IP addresses that can be analysed to safeguard against fraud. ClearWEB checks to see whether we are currently offering tokens to ClearWEB users. This request includes the identifier of your unique Rewards wallet. See data processing detail .

Even with ClearWEB Rewards enabled, we never collect your browsing history or similar information, and we can’t derive this information from your contributions to content creators and sites. Instead, we aggregate contributions among all ClearWEB users, and we cannot trace contributions to individual users, or link any of your contributions together.


If you switch on ClearWEB Rewards and switch on ads (in Rewards settings) you will see ad notifications, and will receive CLEAR to reward you for viewing these ads. While the ads you see are based on your interests, which are inferred from your browsing, ClearWEB Ads is private and anonymous. The data are stored on your device, and are entirely inaccessible to us. No personal data or browsing history ever leaves the ClearWEB browser on your device.

ClearWEB Together

ClearWEB Together is a private video conference tool that you can use to call with your friends and colleagues. Nothing that you say or type in the service is logged or saved. See data processing detail.

Note: Your IP address is available to your Internet provider. If your Internet provider requires the use of a TURN server, then your IP address will also be available to a company called 8×8, which operates the TURN server. The content of your call is encrypted between your browser and the ClearWEB server, so your audio and video stay private from intermediaries.

To avoid scams: For the avoidance of phishing attacks, note that we at ClearWEB never contact ClearWEB Browser users in a Together call.

How we improve ClearWEB

Crash reports

When ClearWEB crashes, it creates a report that can be sent to us to help us fix whatever caused the problem. This report contains technical information about your computer system which is typically distinctive. We use a service called to store them. You can choose whether to send us these reports. Even if you have chosen to send reports in the past, you can turn off future reports in settings.

Privacy Preserving Product Analytics

The Browser sends us anonymous reports to alert us to product problems and necessary improvements. None of the information it reports harms your privacy. The report only describes general use of the Browser, such as a general range of how many extensions are installed, a general range of how many tabs are open, and whether features like Shields, Rewards, and Ads are switched on. These reports are stripped of metadata, and aggregated with measurements reported by many other instances of ClearWEB. The data are not personal, and cannot be combined to identify you. You can deactivate Privacy-Preserving Product Analytics in Settings.

Your feedback

If you write feedback for ClearWEB, we will use this to improve the product. See data processing detail.

Nightly, Dev, and Beta browser versions

Dev , and See data processing details.

How to switch this feature off.

You can switch off “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to ClearWEB Software” in settings.

Tip: you can quickly access settings by copying ClearWEB://settings into your address bar.

These incomplete versions of ClearWEB represent unfinished and untested work on future versions of ClearWEB, and their incomplete behavior may not be adequately described by this policy. More information about the safety & reliability of pre-release versions of ClearWEB can be found in our development documentation.

Detail of personal data processing


Purpose of processing Categories of personal data processed Legal basis of processing Duration of storage
To estimate the user’s physical location at the request of a website and with the confirmation of the user. IP address, and information about nearby WiFi access points (MAC address, signal strength, and SSID). Legitimate interest. No storage.

ClearWEB Rewards

Purpose of processing Categories of personal data processed Legal basis of processing Duration of storage
To make and verify (including anti-fraud) Basic Attention Token contributions IP address at time of claiming a monthly grant of CLEAR tokens, and Wallet ID (this ID is not tied to what you browse or do because your browsing is kept anonymous by ClearWEB). Necessary for the performance of a contract between us (and necessary for us to provide the requested service). The duration of the user’s account, plus 4 years in order to comply with US Internal Revenue Service requirements

ClearWEB Together

Purpose of processing Categories of personal data processed Legal basis of processing Duration of storage
To provide the ClearWEB Together video calling service at the request of the user IP address, chat text, video, and audio Legitimate interest. The user requested the service, and the risk of the processing of the data is minimal. The duration of the call.
To allow users of the ClearWEB Together video calling service to store profile information profile photo and name Legitimate interest. The user requested the service, and the risk of the processing of the data is minimal. The duration of the call. The user’s device stores the data.

Your feedback

Purpose of processing Categories of personal data processed Legal basis of processing Duration of storage
To use feedback sent by users to improve the product. Personal data that a user may include in the text they write when sending feedback through an app store or any other means. Legitimate interest. The user intends for the data to be used for this purpose, and the risk of the processing of the data is 2 years.

Browser testing and research (Nightly, Dev, and Beta versions only)

Purpose of processing Categories of personal data processed Legal basis of processing Duration of storage
To fix problems in the ClearWEB Browser by acting on issues highlighted by crash reports from Beta and Dev versions of the Browser Device model, iOS version, language, timezone, CPU architecture, carrier, connection status. Optional: Crash log (crash logs will also be sent if you opted-in when activating iOS) Optional: Comments and screenshots you share if you send feedback through TestFlight. Our interest in testing the product and fixing problems. The data are used in a way that does not negatively affect your rights or interests. Apple retains the data for one year. ClearWEB may retain some crash reports indefinitely, if useful for testing.

Help with privacy settings in ClearWEB

You can find guides on how to change privacy settings in ClearWEB in the Help Center..

Contacting ClearWEB about your privacy

You can contact our privacy team at .

You can ask to know what information we have about you, update incorrect information, delete it, object to our use of it, or get a copy of it. If you’re in the European Union, you also have the right to complain to your local data protection authority (though everyone should have this right).

We’ll update this policy whenever we make material changes to our practices, and we’ll announce it to let you know. We hope you’ll find any changes agreeable, but if you’re not comfortable with changes to the info we collect or how we use it, we understand your choice to stop using ClearWEB.


1. Data are personal if the data can single a person out (on their own or in combination with other data), without an unlikely degree of effort or expense or technological development. The GDPR definition of “personal data” includes any data that can indirectly contribute to singling out an individual, including unique IDs codes, certain types of IP addresses, and encrypted data that one can decrypt without disproportionate effort. But data that are entirely impossible to access are not personal.